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Our services are offered to corporate clients, home owners as well as building contractors. We also offer general home and office renovations as well as certain handyman duties.

Metal Framing
Steel frame is a building technique with a "skeleton frame" of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams, constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of a building which are all attached to the frame. The development of this technique made the construction of the skyscraper possible.
Drywall is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) with or without additives and normally pressed between a facer and a backer. It is used to make interior walls and ceilings. The plaster is mixed with fibre, plasticizer, foaming agent, and various additives that can decrease mildew, increase fire resistance, and lower water absorption.
Insulation in buildings is an important factor to achieving thermal comfort for its occupants. It's reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. In existing homes, cellulose or other loose-fill materials can be installed in building cavities through holes drilled on the exterior of the house.
Mudding and Taping
Embedded in a layer of drywall joint compound, drywall tape creates a physical bond between adjacent sheets of drywall. Although the bond does not significantly contribute to the structural support of the drywall sheets, the bond reduces the movement and cracking of the sheets.
T-bar Ceilings
To hide your structural ceiling or light fixtures, or just to create a different visual atmosphere in the room, a suspended T-Bar ceiling might provide the look you want. To install a ceiling, you are tasked with combining two basic elements: light ceiling tiles and a T-Bar suspension system.
We perform selective demolition services for industrial, commercial, retail, government and private clients of all sizes. Our team works with clients, engineers, architects and designers to ensure that structural integrity and desirable features are preserved and renovations can be completed in an efficient and safe manner.
Shaft Walls and Fire Separation
Shaftwall systems are nonload-bearing fire rated wall assemblies that provide critical, life safety, fire-resistant protection for elevator shafts, stairwells, vertical chases and mechanical enclosures. They provide the only means of evacuation from the building in an emergency.
Bulkheads and Light Coves
Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting built into ledges, recesses, or valences in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. Cove lighting is valued because it hides the fixtures, and because it provides a very even, warm light.
Maintenance and Renovations
We have a comprehensive range of remodelling and maintenance services. Every service is completed by our considerate and competent team members. Our tradesmen are fully qualified to complete restoration or renovation works within time and budgetary restraints.